DMCA Compliance

DMCA Compliance

As part of our policy, it is of utmost importance to respond to clear notices of any alleged copyright infringement. This page outlines the information required to submit these notices and allows online submission for the fastest response.

Important A/V Content Removal Requests

SoccerLite works as a search engine so it is not responsible for the content of external websites. Please ensure before sending an A/V removal request that the media in question is hosted by Soccerlite on its website ( All the video content found on SoccerLite is neither hosted on our servers nor created or uploaded by us. The most effective way of protecting your rights is to seek removal from the host that is responsible for the content. This in turn, will remove the content from Soccerlite and any other search engines which may have indexed the content.


The author is not responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Therefore, any liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore be rejected. All offers are not-binding and without obligation. Parts of the pages or the complete publication including all offers and information might be extended, changed or partly or completely deleted by the author without separate announcement.

Referrals and links

Soccerlite is not responsible for any linked or referred content ñ unless we have full knowledge of any illegal contents and would be able to prevent the visitors of this site from viewing those pages. If any damage occurs by the use of information presented there, only the author of the respective pages might be liable, not the one who has linked to these pages.


Any other reproduction, publication or redistribution of this material without the written agreement of the copyright owner is strictly forbidden. This site does not own copyright for images, photos and videos presented here. None of the images have been produced or scanned by ourself. The photos and information contained on this site are believed to be available in the public domain and we have no exclusive rights over any of them.

Soccerlite does not own copyright for images, photos, newslines and articles presented here and in no way wishes to infringe on anyoneís copyright. It is our policy to make every effort to respect the copyrights of all external parties. If you believe that your copyright has been misused, please email us and we will remove the article(s) as soon as we receive your email. Please be as detailed as possible when sending email, as to the article URL, the reasons why copyright has been violated, etc. Efforts will be made to ensure all copyright matters are treated and resolved immediately

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